First Quarter, Volume 25, Number 1

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Vol. 25, No. 1,
First Quarter 2012


Fed Chair Bernanke Discusses Smaller Banks

Mobile Phones Grow as Financial Devices

Fed Gov. Raskin Addresses Monetary Policy's Effects

Banks Address Mortgage Servicing Problems

Atlanta Fed Chief Sees Stronger 2012

Fed Chair Addresses Housing Recovery Approaches

Fed Chairman on Community Banking's Role

Consumer Credit Shows Increase in Late 2011

Reserve Banks Transfer Money to U.S. Treasury

Fed Gov. Raskin Talks Small-Bank Supervision

Atlanta Fed Chief Discusses Fundamental Economic Forces

Housing Recovery Key to Strong Economy, Says Fed Gov.



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  Editor's Note: This publication is posted on a rolling schedule and content will be added throughout the quarter.
Updated March 29, 2012
ViewPoint "ViewPoint" features Banking Outlook Conference highlights New article
3/29/2012 - The new edition of "ViewPoint," from the Atlanta Fed's supervision and regulation division, includes coverage of the Atlanta Fed's recent banking outlook conference, with video interviews of some conference participants. The edition also looks at current national and regional banking conditions
Fed Chairman Bernanke Bernanke: Fed Nurtures Links with Community Banks New article
3/27/2012 - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke recently discussed the importance of the Fed's relationship with community banks, the Fed's desire to maintain an open dialogue with smaller banks, and the challenges community banks face in today's environment.
phone barcode One in Five in U.S. Using Mobile Banking New article
3/26/2012 - Given the ubiquity of mobile phones, it's not surprising that using mobile phones for bank transactions is becoming common. A recent Federal Reserve survey showed that one fifth of U.S. consumers accessed their bank accounts via mobile phone last year, and that number is growing fast.
Fed Gov. Raskin Fed Gov. Raskin: Low Interest Rates Not a Major Drag on Households
3/12/2012 - Federal Reserve Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin recently discussed the intended effects on households of the Fed's policy of keeping interest rates low, noting that the policy's long-run goal is a stronger economy that leads to higher returns for savers and investors.
mortgage application Fed Releases Banks' Plans to Remedy Foreclosure Servicing Problems
2/29/2012 - The Federal Reserve Board recently released plans that nine large financial institutions submitted to fix problems in their residential mortgage loan servicing and foreclosure processing. Among other steps, the banks discuss how they will strengthen communications and compliance.
photo of Atlanta Fed CEO Lockhart Atlanta Fed CEO: Economy "Noticeably Better" in 2012
2/29/2012 - Recent positive economic data suggest that the recovery may be gaining traction, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said during a recent speech. Improvements in employment, household income, and credit expansion support the view that growth in 2012 will improve upon 2011.
photo of Fed Chair Bernanke Fed Chair Bernanke: No "Silver Bullet" for Housing Woes
2/27/2012 - The slow recovery of the U.S. housing market has been well documented. In a recent speech, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said that while no quick fix exists for the market, some new approaches can help steer the market in a healthier direction.
photo of Fed Chair Bernanke Fed Chair Bernanke: Fed Attuned to Community Banks' Concerns
2/23/2012 - Because of community banks' importance to the local communities they serve, the Federal Reserve stays informed about issues that matter to them, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke recently said. He added that community banks also provide crucial grassroots economic information that informs policy.
Treasury building Consumer Credit Up Sharply in Late 2011
1/31/2012 - Among reports of easing consumer credit standards, consumer credit outstanding grew late last year, according to recent data from the Federal Reserve. The increase was buoyed primarily by an increase in student and credit card loans.
Treasury building Reserve Banks Return $77 Billion to U.S. Treasury
1/31/2012 - In 2011, the Federal Reserve System transferred $76.9 billion to the U.S. Treasury. This revenue represents most of the Reserve Banks' net income and came from a number of sources.
Fed Gov Raskin Fed Gov. Raskin Discusses Small-Bank Supervision
1/19/2012 - Bank regulators must have a real understanding of the local economy to effectively supervise community banks, Fed Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin said in a recent speech. This supervisory approach differs from the one used to supervise larger, more complex financial institutions, she said.
Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart Atlanta Fed President Explores Fundamentals Shaping the Recovery
1/18/2012 - The recovery of the U.S. economy is likely to remain tepid in 2012, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said in a recent speech. He discussed five basic forces that are shaping the recovery and what role they could play in 2012.
bank vault Housing Recovery Key to Stronger Economy, Says Fed Governor Duke
1/18/2012 - Federal Reserve Governor Elizabeth Duke recently said she expects the U.S. economy to grow modestly in 2012, despite persistent headwinds. However, she noted that a more robust housing market is key to a strong recovery.