Second Quarter, Volume 25, Number 2

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Vol. 25, No. 2,
Second Quarter 2012


New Fed Report Details Consumer Finances

Atlanta Fed Chief Discusses Economic Outlook

Regulatory Agencies Clarify Coordination Plans

New Video Explains Foreclosure Review Process

Fed Gov. Duke Discusses Housing Woes

Fed Chair Discusses Banks' Progress, Challenges

Regulators Clarify Stress-Testing Expectations

Banks Ease Lending, Survey Shows

Fed Forms Stress-Testing Council

Atlanta Fed Launches New Online Feature

Atlanta Fed President Discusses Regulatory Goals

Atlanta Fed Conference Ponders Future Regulation

Fed Chair Bernanke Addresses Conference



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  Editor's Note: This publication is posted on a rolling schedule and content will be added throughout the quarter.
Updated June 28, 2012
photo of couple with financial troubles Fed Survey Details Recession's Impact on Family Finances New article
6/28/2012 - The Federal Reserve Board's triennial Survey of Consumer Finances revealed that the financial crisis and recession hit many American families' finances hard. Since 2007, American families' net worth and income have fallen sharply, chiefly due to the decline in home values experienced nationwide.
ViewPoint Multifamily Housing, Home Equity Featured in Financial Update's "ViewPoint"
6/22/2012 - The new edition of Financial Update's "ViewPoint," from the Atlanta Fed's supervision and regulation division, includes articles about how the multifamily housing market is faring regionally and the current state of home equity lines of credit. The edition also looks at current national and regional banking conditions.
Atlanta Fed President Lockhart Atlanta Fed President Lockhart: U.S. Economy Still Recovering
6/21/2012 - Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said that despite some disappointing economic reports, the national economy continues to recover. However, headwinds such as efforts by households and the financial sector to shed debt, continued weakness in the housing sector, and uncertainty in the European monetary union pose ongoing challenges.
bank reform Agencies Agree on Supervisory Coordination
6/18/2012 - Federal financial regulatory agencies recently clarified how they will coordinate supervisory activities. Their goals include minimizing unnecessary regulatory burden, avoiding duplication of effort, and decreasing the risk of conflicting supervisory directives.
foreclosure sign New Video Explains Foreclosure Review Process
5/30/2012 - A new video released by the Federal Reserve Board explains how eligible borrowers can apply for an independent foreclosure file review. The video details how borrowers who believe they were financially harmed by the foreclosure process in 2009 and 2010 can request a free review.
Fed Gov. Duke Fed Gov. Duke: Uncertainty Holding Back Housing
5/30/2012 - Uncertainty is a key factor preventing a stronger recovery in the housing market, said Federal Reserve Governor Elizabeth Duke. Duke said that no single prescription will cure the housing market and a number of difficult decisions need to be made.
Fed Chair Bernanke Bernanke Discusses Banking Progress, Challenges
5/24/2012 - Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke recently discussed banking conditions, saying they have improved since the financial crisis, but banks still face challenges. While banks have shored up capital levels, they are struggling to expand revenues amid the sluggish economy, changes in market conditions, and more stringent financial regulations.
Fed Chair Bernanke Regulators Clarify Expectations for Stress Testing by Community Banks
5/24/2012 - Banking regulators recently issued a statement clarifying that community banks don't have to conduct the same types of stress testing required of larger organizations, although all banks should be positioned to anticipate the effects of adverse financial conditions on their operations.
Federal Reserve Board building Banks Ease Lending Terms in First Quarter, Survey Says
5/17/2012 - Loans were a bit easier to come by in the first three months of the year, according to the Federal Reserve's senior loan officer survey. The quarterly survey, which covers 58 domestic banks and 23 foreign banks with U.S. operations, also reported stronger demand for loans.
Federal Reserve Board building Fed Creates Expert Council to Advise on Stress Tests
4/27/2012 - The Federal Reserve Board recently unveiled a series of steps it is taking to include outside expertise in the stress-testing process. One such step is the Model Validation Council, which will advise the Fed on the effectiveness of its stress-testing models.
The Fed Explained Atlanta Fed Launches New Web Feature, "The Fed Explained"
4/25/2012 - A new Atlanta Fed online feature, "The Fed Explained," provides both original and aggregated content geared to making information about the work of the Fed more accessible to the general public. The feature launches with an animated video on inflation.
Atlanta Fed Chief Lockhart Lockhart: Wise Regulation Is the "Holy Grail"
4/25/2012 - At the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's 2012 Financial Markets Conference, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said regulators should avoid precipitous action and accept that designing and implementing an improved system will take time.
FMC 2012 Atlanta Fed's Financial Markets Conference Explores Future Regulation
4/23/2012 - Central bankers, finance professionals, and academics recently convened in Atlanta to discuss regulatory matters such as the government's future role in mortgage finance and the potential for another shadow banking system to develop in response to new financial regulations.
Fed Chair Bernanke Bernanke Discusses Fed's Increasing Role in Systemic Stability
4/23/2012 - Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke recently spoke at an Atlanta Fed conference about the central bank's moves to reorient itself toward being an agency with a broader supervisory focus on systemic financial stability.