Fourth Quarter, Volume 25, Number 4

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Vol. 25, No. 4,
Fourth Quarter 2012


U.S. Consumers Took on More Debt in October

Fed Seeks Comments on Proposed Changes

Atlanta Fed President Speaks on Financial Instability

Atlanta Fed President Addresses Policy Challenges

Atlanta Fed Evolves With Payment Service Arena

Fed Gov. Duke Addresses Mortgage Lending Rules

Atlanta Fed President Discusses Employment

Fed Issues Reserve Requirement Thresholds

HMDA Data Show Borrowers' Improved Creditworthiness

Fed Gov. Tarullo Discusses Financial Regulation

Fed Gov. Duke Discusses Struggling Housing Market


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  Editor's Note: This publication is posted on a rolling schedule and content will be added throughout the quarter.
Updated December 21, 2012
ViewPoint logo Bank Liquidity, Interest Margin Performance Detailed in Financial Update's Latest "ViewPoint" New article
12/21/2012 - The fourth quarter edition of "ViewPoint," from the Atlanta Fed's supervision and regulation division, includes examinations of net interest margin performance in today's low-rate environment and the potential impact on banks of the end of the Transaction Account Guarantee program, as well as updates on national and southeastern banking conditions.
Federal Reserve Consumer Credit Jumps in October New article
12/19/2012 - U.S. consumers took on more debt in October, according to data the Federal Reserve recently released. The total amount of U.S. consumer credit outstanding grew a seasonally adjusted $14.2 billion, or 6.2 percent annually. The increase was fueled by auto and student loans.
Federal Reserve Federal Reserve, FinCEN Seek Input on Funds Transfer Rules New article
12/17/2012 - The Federal Reserve Board and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network are seeking comments on a proposal to amend the definitions of "funds transfer" and "transmittal of funds" under the regulations implementing the Bank Secrecy Act.
Atlanta Fed President Lockhart Atlanta Fed President Lockhart Discusses Other Sources of Financial Instability
12/14/2012 - In a recent speech, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart addressed the importance of vigilance in monitoring potential sources of financial instability, focusing on two particular arenas from which financial instability could emanate: payments systems and underfunded public pension plans.
Atlanta Fed seal Fed Helps Put the Smarts Behind Smartphone Payments
11/27/2012 - The Federal Reserve has long been a leader in the fast-changing world of retail payments, delivering safe, secure, and efficient products. With the advent of newer payment technologies, the Atlanta Fed is keeping pace with the evolving payment environment.
Fed Gov Duke Fed Gov. Duke: Small Banks Need Separate Mortgage Rules
11/26/2012 - In a recent speech to bankers, Federal Reserve Governor Elizabeth Duke called for a separate set of regulations for community bank mortgage lending because mortgage lending by community banks generally does not pose the same risks that helped to create problems in subprime mortgage lending.
Atlanta Fed President Lockhart Atlanta Fed President Lockhart Discusses Employment
11/20/2012 - Labor markets have struggled to regain their footing in the wake of the recession. Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart recently spoke about how to assess progress in the employment sector and what signs he looks for that signal meaningful improvement.
Federal Reserve Board Announces Reserve Requirement Thresholds for 2013
10/31/2012 - Recently, the Federal Reserve Board issued annual reserve requirement thresholds for depository institutions in 2013. The Board made some recalculations based on the growth in net transaction accounts and total reservable liabilities in the year ending June 30, 2012.
mortgage HMDA Data Show Fewer Loans, More Creditworthy Borrowers
10/30/2012 - Although the number of home mortgage loans made in 2011 represented a 10 percent decline from the previous year and was the lowest total since 1995, recently released data from the Fed show that current home buyers appear more creditworthy than at any point in the past 12 years.
Fed Gov Duke Fed Gov. Tarullo: Dodd-Frank Focus on Stability a Departure
10/26/2012 - Discussing regulatory reform to promote financial stability, Federal Reserve Governor Daniel Tarullo recently said the Dodd-Frank reforms are intended to contain systemic risk and represent a significant change in the nation's approach to financial regulation.
Fed Gov Duke Fed Gov. Duke: Housing Crisis Requires "Full Spectrum of Policy Actions"
10/24/2012 - Federal Reserve Governor Elizabeth Duke recently discussed the housing market, noting that the struggling sector has many dimensions, and a solution will require a range of policy actions to restore its health.