About Us

photo of M. Melinda Pitts
Melinda Pitts
  • Advisers & Research Fellow

    Photo of Richard Rogerson
    Richard Rogerson
    Princeton University
    Robert Shimer
    University of Chicago
    Research Fellow
    Tom Mroz, CHCS Research Fellow
    Tom Mroz
    Georgia State University
  • Visiting Scholars

    During the past two years, the Center for Human Capital Studies hosted the following visiting scholars:

    Laura Argys
    University of Colorado-Denver

    Andrea Friedson
    University of Colorado-Denver

    David Frisvold
    University of Iowa

    Lisa Kahn
    Yale University

    Nathaniel Baum-Snow
    Brown University

    Chris Taber
    University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Advisory Council

    Tim Arnst
    Senior Vice President
    Universal Parks & Resorts
    Orlando, FL

    Ed Castile
    Alabama Industrial Training
    Montgomery, AL

    Keith Jackson
    Vice President, Human Resources
    AT&T Services Inc.
    Atlanta, GA

    Ann Machado
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    Creative Staffing
    Miami, FL

    Anoop Mishra
    Chief Executive Officer
    Birmingham, AL

    Les Range
    Regional Administrator
    U.S. Department of Labor
    Atlanta, GA

    Ken Richards
    Resource Mosaic
    Atlanta, GA

    Dwight Sandlin
    Signature Homes
    Birmingham, AL

    Veronica (Roni) Snyder
    Career Professionals, Inc.
    Morristown, TN

    Mike Stockard
    Executive Vice President
    Elwood Staffing
    Birmingham, AL