Human Capital Working Papers

Below is a selection of the Atlanta Fed's working paper series that focus on the topic of human capital. You can also view the complete collection of papers produced by the economists in our Research Department.


Will Talent Attraction and Retention Improve Metropolitan Labor Markets?

Stuart Andreason
Working Paper 2015-4 (April)
A number of metropolitan areas have made efforts to attract highly educated and skilled workers with the goal of improving their labor markets. The author examines rates of educational attainment in some of these metropolitan areas and its varying impact on labor market outcomes.

Lessons for Forecasting Unemployment in the United States: Use Flow Rates, Mind the Trend

Brent H. Meyer and Murat Tasci
Working Paper 2015-1 (February)
What is the most accurate method of forecasting the unemployment rate? Using a variety of approaches (including professional forecasters and various models), the authors evaluate the accuracy of near- and longer-term unemployment forecasting methods.

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