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Each session of Maximum Employment Matters takes a close look at a particular industry in the Southeast and its job opportunities. Guest speakers share their industry knowledge and discuss current and future labor trends.

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Exploring Opportunity Occupations and Careers in Health Care

April 2017

Are there good-paying health care jobs that don't require a college degree? The answer may depend on where you live. Learn more in our latest Maximum Employment Matters webinar.

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Exploring Careers in Manufacturing

February 2017

U.S. manufacturing has declined dramatically over the past 35 years, and the jobs that remain require more technical knowledge and skills. Hear our panel's thoughts about training for a manufacturing career.

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Economics in Person is a web-based video series that features Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco economists and their research. In each video segment, viewers are invited to sit in on a discussion about special topics related to the U.S. economy.