Conference Overview: New Horizons: Wealth Management and the Changing Global Landscape - October 23, 2008

In light of heightened global economic uncertainty, asset management has become more competitive and risky. This market segment demands and rewards innovative, high-return products and services. As financial institutions work to gain business in this arena, they must determine whether their risk management and human capital is sufficiently advanced to handle the rapidly changing competitive landscape and delivery platforms.

Join us as we explore how wealth managers can be successful in today's turbulent times. Gain insight into the global economy and how its current volatility can have an impact on wealth managers. Learn about sovereign wealth funds and how their sheer size and rapid growth increasingly command the attention of not just economists and political analysts but also U.S. investment managers. Understand how some financial organizations have adapted their wealth management business models in light of competitive pressures. Panelists will discuss the opportunities and challenges of serving high net worth clients in Latin America and the United States. Also understand how emerging technologies will have an impact on the wealth management industry.

Conference Location
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Conference Center, Third Floor
Magnolia and Redbud Rooms
1000 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30309