Technology in Retail Payment Innovations - Agenda - October 15-16, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Welcome and introductory remarks
Dennis Lockhart, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Panel 1: Technology developments in card-based payments
Despite the emergence of new and innovative form factors, legacy plastic cards will remain important tools for credit, debit, and prepaid payments. As payment channels evolve and vulnerabilities proliferate in current U.S. card systems and their supporting technologies, industry stakeholders are being challenged to collaborate on more secure and interoperable strategies. Panelists will discuss emerging issues including chip-versus-magnetic-stripe technologies and the challenges of a U.S. EMV migration, risks in card-not-present payment systems, and the current dialogues on various authentication technologies.

Jeff Bohlin, Director, Product Strategy, WorldPay [Presentation PowerPoint]
Drago Dzerve, Director, Business Development, VeriFone Inc. [Presentation PowerPoint]
Bonnie Holland; Manager, Payment Processing, Accounting, and Reporting; Delta Airlines
Whitney Stewart, Mass Market Segment and Value-Added Services Executive, SunTrust Bank

Panel 2: The evolution of technology standards in retail payments
In a highly innovative and dynamic retail payments industry, technology standards provide the cohesion to ensure the critical mass needed for successful payment network adoption. At the same time, the myriad of new market solutions, patent issues, and standards bodies themselves in the ecosystem challenges industry cooperation and consensus building. Those challenges can slow the standards development process. This panel will discuss ways to combat these challenges and explore the benefits of current U.S. standards development initiatives for emerging retail payments.

Chris Conn, Future Banking Initiatives Manager, SWIFT
Marianne Crowe, Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Scott Forbes, Director, Cryptology Research Inc.
Cynthia Fuller, Executive Director, X9

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Panel 3: Mobile payment developments at the point of sale
Despite the mobile wallet's lackluster acceptance by merchants and consumers, 2012 has been the year of the mobile wallet, with high-profile trials and rollouts getting underway. This panel will discuss the landscape for current deployments in terms of business and security challenges experienced, lessons learned to drive future strategy, and current technology debates. The panel will address such questions as, what are the risks and benefits unique to cloud and chip-based payments, and will the technologies coexist? Will technology and innovative solutions disrupt a collaborative near-term path to a ubiquitous, safe, and secure mobile payments system?

Jody Chafee,
Esq, Director, Corporate Counsel, Starbucks [Presentation PowerPoint]
Bengt Horsma,
Head of Mobile Enablement Services, Visa
Jack Jania, Senior Vice President/General Manager of Secure Transactions, Gemalto North America [Presentation PowerPoint]
Marc Keller, Global Director of Digital Networks & Mobile, Citigroup

Panel 4: Technology trends in mobile payments transfers
With the considerable attention that merchants and wallet developers have given this year to mobile proximity payments, remote payments via the mobile channel (or mobile money transfers) have seemingly flown beneath the radar. Some of the questions this panel will address are: As the influx of nonbanks into the money transfer business proliferates, what is the state of the environment today for domestic and cross-border payment activity? How do telecoms participate in these new schemes, and what are the subsequent regulatory and policymaking concerns? Will airtime recharge transfers evolve into airtime remittances? And how should law enforcement prepare for the risks of money laundering crimes that may ensue?

Eric Barbier, Chief Executive Officer, TransferTo [Presentation PowerPoint]
Nick LeCuyer, Vice President, Strategy and Distribution, Western Union
Bill Maurer, Director, Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion, University of California, Irvine [Presentation pdf]

Panel 5: Technology threats and mitigants in electronic payment systems
Whether through scams such as "Obama Will Pay Your Bills" or corporate account takeovers, criminals are using electronic payments networks to perpetrate fraud. They are using advanced technology to facilitate more sophisticated scams, sometimes even with the help of unwitting consumers. How can stakeholders harness technology to develop better solutions for detection and mitigation of these risks? Panelists will explore the electronic payments risk landscape and share innovative solutions for risk management.

Matt Harper, Group Vice President and Manager of Client Authentication, Enterprise Fraud Management, SunTrust Bank Inc.
Debbie Peace, Chief Executive Officer, ACH Alert
Steve Robb, Senior Vice President of Products and Services, ControlScan [Presentation PowerPoint]
Terri Sands, Senior Vice President, Electronic Banking and Fraud Management, State Bank and Trust
Murray Walton, Chief Risk Officer, Fiserv [Presentation PowerPoint]

Moderator: Richard Fraher, Vice President and Council to the Retail Payments Office, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta