Third Quarter, Volume 6, Number 3

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      Volume 6, Number 3, Third Quarter 2004

Trucking: Where the Rubber
Meets the Road

Trucking firms that survived the painful shakeout following the 2001 recession are enjoying a robust recovery. These survivors still face some stiff challenges, though, including increases in fuel prices, skyrocketing insurance premiums, and driver shortages.

Paradise Found (or Lost)?

Florida holds continued allure as a destination for both retirees and young newcomers. While the population surge brings affluence, it is also accompanied by overdevelopment, worsening traffic, environmental damage, and a graying citizenry that will increase the burden on the state’s resources for years to come.

Banks and the Growing Remittance Market

Hispanic immigrants in the United States send billions of dollars annually to their home countries. Most of this money bypasses the banking system in favor of other remittance methods such as wire transfers or mailed money orders. Banks are working to gain a larger presence in this growing arena.